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Where to Find Services for Funeral Home and Cremations in La Porte, IN

The Cutler Funeral Home and Cremation Center has been serving LaPorte and surrounding areas since 1896. Cutler Funeral Home and Cremation Center is here to treat your loved one with care and make the process as simple as possible for you. Whether you choose burial or cremation, you can hold a funeral service to honor your loved one. We are happy to provide a traditional funeral or something unique. In addition to the services we offer, you will receive an online memorial that you can share with family and friends.

While honoring your loved one is our top priority, we also want to help you through this difficult time. To them and other families, we offer the highest degree of service and performance available. Begin to find healing and celebrate a life well-lived. We have a wide range of resources to support you not only today but in the weeks and months to come. Please call us at 1-219-362-2828 so we can help you through this process.

Losing someone that you love it one of the most difficult experiences in life. Regardless of the circumstances, it can be heart wrenching to say goodbye to a family member. The best thing that you can do is plan a beautiful funeral or memorial to honor their life. So, you need to look for a local funeral home and cremations in La Porte, IN to access the services that are needed.

At Cutler Funeral Home and Cremation Center, we take pride in the quality of services that we provide. Our goal is to care for your family, ensuring that you have a positive experience before, during, and after the funeral service. We work tirelessly to handle the details behind the scenes, giving you the peace of mind to know that you can lean on the professional services that are provided.

A Tribute for Your Loved One

A funeral is more than a basic event where friends and family can gather. This time is the last opportunity that you will have to pay tribute to your family member. You can share memories, highlight their life experiences, and honor their life in any way that you desire.

Our team at Cutler Funeral Home and Cremation Center provides personalized services for every family. We know that each person is unique, which is why we don’t assume that cookie cutter funeral plans are right for you. Instead, we strive to listen to your requests and create a beautiful plan that is customized based on your preferences.

Caring Funeral Home and Cremations in La Porte, IN

You can choose to hold the events at our funeral home, which is the newest facility in the county. We strive to provide one location where you can access all of the services and options that are needed for your planning. Additionally, our staff can also support events that are held at off-site locations, such as a church or meetinghouse.

In addition to the services in our facilities, we also offer online memorials to support family members who can’t attend the event in person. This online memorial is personalized with photos and an obituary. The page is designed to give people a place where they can upload photos, share memories, publish condolences, and light candles to honor the life that was lost.

Not only do we provide full funeral services, including flowers and tribute videos, but we can also support with cremation if desired. Some families choose direct cremation, while others pair the cremation with a memorial or graveside service. It’s up to you to decide on the details that will match the preferences of your family.

Cremation vs. Funeral Services

There are many instances when a traditional funeral service is a right solution. Family members might feel comforted by the familiar traditions that are maintained with this event. Or, the deceased may have specified that they wanted a traditional funeral service.

But, there are also times when it makes sense to skip the tradition and choose another plan. Direct cremation means that the body will be reduced to ashes without other formal services through our funeral home. You can choose to hold an informal event with close friends and family members. Or, you might select cremation and also schedule a memorial after the cremation is complete.

Regardless of your preferences, it is important that you find a reputable funeral home and cremations in La Porte, IN. The quality of the funeral home will have an impact on your experience every step of the way.

Grieving the Loss of Your Loved One

Planning a funeral or memorial can be an important step to help family members work through the grief. Counselors have found that a gathering is often an essential part of the healing process, giving people a chance to share their emotions and thoughts.

Even if you don’t want a formal funeral, you should consider alternative options that will provide people a place to gather. For example, you might hold a celebration of life with the favorite food and music of the deceased. Or, you could plan a meeting in the place where the ashes will be scattered. You have the flexibility and freedom to choose the funeral plan that supports the wishes of your family.

Preplanning to Reduce Stress

If you want to leave a gift for your family members after you are gone, then you should consider the option to talk to our team about preplanning services. We will help with the arrangements and details of the event, ensuring that everything will match your desires when the funeral is held.

For more information about funeral home and cremations in La Porte, IN, you need to talk to our caring team at Cutler Funeral Home and Cremation Center. Visit our modern facility: 2900 Monroe St, La Porte, IN 46350. Or, call if you would like to schedule an appointment: (219) 362-2828

Funeral & Cremation FAQs

Why cremation is better than a burial?
Cremation is a far more effective way for the disposition of the body. It does not require embalming and cosmetic procedure to preserve the body. It is way cheaper compared to burial wherein the cremains is placed in an urn which is significantly cheaper than caskets.
What are the cremation packages at Cutler Funeral Home?
  • The Simple Online Cremation - $2,400.00
  • The Private Informal Goodbye - $2,800.00
  • The Friends & Family Goodbye - $3,400.00
  • The Single Day Service with Visitation/Viewing - $4,975.00
  • Learn more
Why embalming the body is very important?
Embalming preserves and disinfects the body as a preparation for funeral service and burial. It also sets the person’s physical features more visually appealing and presentable for viewing.

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